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Black People React To Onision. As Funny as YouTubers React to Viral Gift Videos

Here are 4 Black Youtubers(Zoronita, RealVidz, Shamar Vader, and Duodream2k26) who are watching Onision’s videos for the first time. Which Black People React to Video you want to see next!!!…

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Uhoh Spegettio says:

+Brent Blogs same 

Uhoh Spegettio says:

+Brent Blogs same 

Uhoh Spegettio says:

I like zoronita’s reaction haha

Dudeluv212 says:


MrVideoKnight says:

You are not making racism better.

Cousin Noonga says:


xanadu laputa says:

How has no one noticed, this entire video is just a rip off of the fine

MegaSonglover99 says:

I hate Onision so f***ing much!!!!

EllDudeRocks says:


Jennifer Giardullo says:

I love the switch from mad guy to laughing her as off girl. Summery of

Robert Rankin says:

Bro…you got my subscription.

Johny Quinn says:


MisterBrown says:

I’ve done that before. I’ve shit and pissed at the same damn time! At the
same damn time!

umamiwest says:

You should show reactions to some of his really offensive videos like the
one he tells the abused kid its his fault or the one he kills a baby or one
of those awfully offensive ones or the meet onision new baby or bad parents
videos. I think those are on onision channel. 

Winchester85 says:

On behalf of the Caucasian community, I apologize for this….well, what
ever this is. He’s an embarrassment to humanity period. 

69gangstar69 says:

Does Onision still have any fans?

duodream2k26 says:

I really enjoyed it. Again thank you, for including me. I wouldn’t mind
doing another collaboration with you.

JB Clem says:

Share it if you like it.

gustavo parra says:

Duodrea2k6 doesnt like onision because he is so fat

JB Clem says:

Check out their reaction to Onision’s videos.

Ashley Frye says:

in the middle of the video and thinks to self “i wonder if onision has a
spotify” le checks, has a nerdgasem

xOctaviax says:

I love onision. But, you should’ve shown his onisionspeaks advice videos

Esai Morales says:

This is a comment.

Brent Blogs says:

Oh, man… I love Onision. Cool idea for a video though. His old stuff was
pretty weird…

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